Why Do Some Escorts Appear Aloof When You Try To Book?

Have you noticed that sometimes, the social escort you contact and try to book, either through the agent or directly appears very aloof and annoyed? Here are some of the reasons why, and also how you can try to avoid that happening to you!

Most girls or agents receive lots of time wasters on a daily basis. This is categorized under either one or more of the following groups of people:

  • Men trying to video call. Did you know that some agents are guys? And even if you tried contacting independents, they are not there as a video chat girl for you. Nobody in this line will ever pick up your call, and will likely block you if you tried to video call them. Be a smarter man than that.
  • Guys who have no money. Good news for you, prices for escorts are mostly publicly listed on the websites regardless whether the lady is affiliated or not. This means that you can check the prices before hand, and you definitely should. Because the prices in Singapore do not come cheap at all. Therefore, do not be a bumbling idiot and contact like a poor person with only the budget to buy a lowly motorcycle walking into a Ferrari showroom expecting similar prices – you will be shunned and chased out! So, check out the prices first. If you are not comfortable, do not proceed nor contact. You are wasting your own time doing that too.
  • People who have no intention to book. Known more commonly as tire kickers, these are non customers pretending to be one, just because they have nothing going on in their lives.

Perhaps you are not one of the above groups of men. Thank god. However, the above are the reasons why many agents and girls are exasperated with people who exhibit signs of them – for good reason because they make up 90 to 95% of the market. And yes, local women are really popular!

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