Why Are Singapore Girls So Popular As Paid Companions For Rich Men?

Here are the reasons why SG escort girls are seen as so popular when it comes to men’s ideal choice of a paid companion.

Singaporean ladies are smart and educated. Finding a bimbo when it comes to our industry may not be difficult at all. However, to find a pretty and smart woman at the same time can be a really tough task for customers to do in cities other than that of ours. Thankfully, our local ladies are slim, smart and pretty all at the same time! Amazing! This is especially important for the men who want to engage such ladies to show off at a meeting or event, which is one of the reasons why men look for them.

They are usually natural looking. One of the biggest perks about finding an escort in SG is actually because the ladies here are natural looking. Some of these girls in other cities or countries tend to look very fake – because they may have had one too many plastic surgeries before. Most men do not prefer such looks, and they prefer a more natural looking girl. In that case, since plastic surgery is not common at all among local girls here, customers are rejoicing!

Local girls are generally slim and petite! Slim and petite ladies can be rather difficult to find even in general in certain Western parts of the world. Therefore, when these customers come to Singapore, they are so happy that the girls here are petite. That can be a truly rare find to these men.

They are not full timers. Something that irks certain customers is that the girls work as a call girl on a full time basis, and they do not like that. Thankfully these group of customers have something to really look forward to in our country, because the local nationality escorts are virtually only part timers.

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