Is Escort Service Legal In SG?

If you really want to book an SG escort in Singapore but are not sure if you can do it legally, then check out the following tips we have for customers looking to make an arrangement.

Firstly, such services are legal in the country. Where some people get confused is due to blurred and wrong definition of what these services are about. When we are referring to it, we are referring to basically females who are given money in exchange for them pretending to be the client’s girlfriend. This is why they are also known to provide what is called girlfriend experience or GFE. What happens during the date is between the clients. Unlike prostitutes, they do not sell sexual services, and nor do they have health licences – because they simply do not sell such services! They are not even in the same class of workers. It is similar like for that of actresses and singers – they are both in the entertainment business but they do significantly different things from each other.

Secondly, there are things you got to note. Even though the news seemingly always only portray the service providers as potentially against the local laws, the truth is that as a customer, you can get into trouble too if you are not aware of the laws in SG. For instance, there are guys who try to Whatsapp or Wechat independent ladies or agencies and try to solicit prostitution. That is considered public solicitation over a public medium the Internet, and is considered as illegal. So please do not solicit.

Thirdly, there are namely two types of places you can make an arrangement from – either through an agency website or through a directory where freelancers post their own ads on. Due to no licences or work VISAs being issued to foreigners when it comes to escorts, this means that only the locals are technically allowed to work in the country. Therefore, if you definitely want to keep in the clear of the laws, then picking and selecting a local nationality girl regardless whether from an agency or as an independent is what you got to do.

If you want to make a booking arrangement, here are the information that you will need to provide.

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