Do Real Singaporean Service Providers Exist Or Are They A Myth?

If you have been searching high and low for a real local Singapore escort and are frustrated so far and wondering if they even do exist in reality, then this post is a must read for you.

The short answer is yes – they do exist, but you need to know how to find them as there are many imposters. What do I mean by that?

Local SG girls do charge more for their escort services. As a result, many foreigners from the South East Asian region in particular tend to pretend as though they are local in nationality, so that they can charge premium prices to their customers without the reality to back it up. You probably bumped into one too many of them if you just read this post today. Thankfully, your future is going to change.

Many foreigner who work as freelance girls in our city post themselves as locals, and usually post full pictures of them. Thankfully for discerning local customers, you will know how to differentiate in terms of looks – if they are truly local, or posting fake pictures (which is virtually 100% of the time if they are using face images).

Here are two big tips for you if you want to find a genuine Singaporean girl.

Firstly, look for agencies like us. Find out more about our company here. Agencies are where the SG girls hang out at.

Secondly, if they show full face photos, it is a red flag – this work is seen as taboo and real locals are too conservative to want their full facial pictures plastered across the web.

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